Multiple Intelligence
What intelligences are we talking about?

The following are the different kinds of intelligence.

    Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
    • Listens and responds to the spoken word.
    • Enjoys reading, writing and debating.
    • Remembers what has been said.
    • Remembers what has been read.
    • Speaks and writes effectively.
    • Can learn other languages.

    Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
    • Is familiar with the concepts of quantity, time, cause and effect.
    • Uses abstract symbols to represent concrete objects and concepts.
    • Likes maths and using technology to solve complex problems.
    • Expresses interest in careers such as accounting, computer technology, law, etc.

    Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
    • Prefers to touch, handle or manipulate what is to be learned.
    • Develops coordination and a sense of timing.
    • Learns best by direct involvement and participation.
    • Remembers most clearly what was done, rather than what was said or observed.

    Visual/Spatial Intelligence
    • Learns by seeing and observing.
    • Recognizes faces, objects, shapes, colours, details and scenes.
    • Thinks in pictures and visualizes detail.
    • Uses visual images as an aid in recalling information.
    • Enjoys doodling, drawing, painting, sculpting or otherwise reproducing objects in visible form.

    Musical Intelligence
    • Listens and responds with interest to a variety of sounds including the human voice, environmental sounds, music and organizes such sounds into meaningful patterns.
    • Is eager to be around and learn from music and musicians.
    • Develops the ability to sing and/or play an instrument.

    Interpersonal Intelligence
    Interpersonal Intelligence
      • Bonds with parents and interacts with others.
      • Forms and maintains social relationships.
      • Perceives the feelings, thoughts, motivations, behaviours and lifestyles of others.
      • Expresses an interest in interpersonally-oriented careers such as teaching, social work, counselling, management, or politics.

      Intrapersonal Intelligence
      Intrapersonal Intelligence
      • Is aware of his range of emotions.
      • Is motivated to identify and pursue goals.
      • Works independently.
      • Establishes and lives by an ethical value system.
      • Strives for self-actualization.

      Naturalist Intelligence
      Naturalist Intelligence
      • Recognizes and can name different types of trees, flowers and plants.
      • Has an interest in and has good knowledge of how the body works and keeps abreast of health issues.
      • Is conscious of tracks, nests and wildlife on a walk and can “read” weather signs.
      • Has an understanding of, and interest, in the main global environmental issues.

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  • Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence