Global Quest is a dynamic educational and training consultancy with an international focus.  With offices in the UK, Ireland and India, we offer a range of services including Asia-based educational consultancy; and international corporate and community sector-accredited training programmes to learners who aspire to broaden their horizons.

Accredited by Open ollege Network, UK as their authorised training centre, Global Quest offers a wide range of student servies, we provide Accredited, Non-Accredited and Bespoke Training Programmes, etc. for more details please click the link www.globalquestltd.com.

Also Global Quest has the following achievements to its credit:

Global Quest
  • OCN-NI Online Training
    • Blended Learning
    • Bespoke Training
    • Online Tuition
    Global Quest
  • NOCN accredited Language Training Centre
    • Online Language Training
    • Modern and Oriental Languages
    • Vocational Courses

    Global Quest
  • Education Consultancy
    • International Student Recruitment
    • International Student Exchange
    • Carrier Guidance

Our Vision:

To be a key contributor and a unique player in the DMIT segment in India

Our Mission:

Empower everybody towards excellence and self actualisation

With the Dermatoglyphics analysis, you would be able to discover your
inborn intelligence empowering
yourself for future development.
Moreover, professional advices...

  • Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence